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As news is pertinent to the community at large and available, we will post news items on this page.
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Moraga Commons Site Specific Plan
Town Council adopted the Moraga Commons Park Site Specific Master Plan. High priority projects for the park include Americans with Disabilities Act improvements, additional bocce ball courts, and a ne.. Read more

Bollinger Valley Project Final Environmental Impact Report
The Final Environmental Impact Report (FEIR) was released on January 6, 2017, for the Bollinger Valley project, a proposed residential development consisting of up to 126 detached single family homes .. Read more

Update on Focused Zoning Code Amendment
On January 9, the Planning Commission recommended approval of a set of focused amendments to the Town’s Zoning Ordinance (Title 8 of the Moraga Municipal Code), intended to improve the clarity a.. Read more

Draft Technical Study of Community Choice Energy
Town Council received a presentation from Contra Costa County staff regarding a Draft Technical Study of Community Choice Energy opportunities in the County. The study and an online survey are posted .. Read more

Canyon Road Bridge Replacement Project
Town Council received a presentation from Contra Costa County staff regarding a Draft Technical Study of Community Choice Energy opportunities in the County. The study and an online survey are posted .. Read more

Biological Monitoring Services for Bella Vista Subdivision
Town Council adopted a resolution authorizing the extension of an existing professional services contract for Wood Biological Consulting, Inc. The contract extension allows for ongoing required biolog.. Read more

Storm Impact on Moraga
Public Works has been diligently responding around the clock to the storm-related damage throughout the Town. Crews have been and are continuing to remove landslide debris at 1) Moraga Road north of R.. Read more

Farewell to Mayor Metcalf and Councilmember Arth
At the December 14, 2016 Town Council meeting, outgoing Mayor Mike Metcalf and Councilmember Phil Arth were warmly recognized and thanked for their service. Councilmember Arth concluded a four-year te.. Read more

Via Moraga High Visibility Crosswalk
The high visibility crosswalk located on Moraga Road between the Via Moraga development and Starbucks is currently in construction. When completed, the pedestrian refuge median will have its nose pain.. Read more

Rheem Boulevard Landslide and Roadway Repair Update
SummerHill Homes continues to work on Rheem Boulevard. The majority of the roadway has been brought up to paving grade with base rock. Over 15 inches of base rock was spread and compacted to create th.. Read more

Moraga Road Construction Update
The current Moraga Road Underground Utility Conversion Project (Corliss Drive to Devin Drive) is in the last stages for the construction of the new underground facilities. The Town’s constructio.. Read more

New Mayor and Vice Mayor Elected
At the Town Council reorganization meeting on December 14, 2016 re-elected Councilmember Roger Wykle and newly-elected Councilmembers Kymberleigh Korpus and Jeanette Fritzky were sworn in by the Town .. Read more

Review of Small Farm Animals Ordinance
The Town Council accepted a one year update/status report on the effectiveness of the Small Farm Animal Ordinance which the Town Council adopted on December 7, 2015. The ordinance amended the Town cod.. Read more

Audited Financial Reports for FY2015-16
The Town Council reviewed the annual independent audit report of the Town’s financial statements at the December 14 meeting. The auditors have issued their opinion that the Town operated and rep.. Read more

Moraga Commons Park Site Specific Master Plan
Town Council requested that the Moraga Commons Park Site Specific Master Plan be brought back for adoption after the first of next year. Council asked the consultant to include additional details and .. Read more

Rheem Boulevard Landslide Repair and Repaving Schedule
Due to scheduling issues, contractor availability, and weather, the scheduled opening of Rheem Boulevard has been delayed once again, this time until January 20, 2017. The delays in opening the roadwa.. Read more

CalPERS Unfunded Pension Liability
Town Council received a presentation outlining potential steps the Town could take to pay down its $3.6 million unfunded pension liability. The Council directed staff to work with the Audit and Financ.. Read more

Hacienda Conceptual Feasibility Study
Town Council accepted the Hacienda de las Flores Conceptual Plan Study as presented by Gould Evans. Community outreach, spanning over a 12-month period, resulted in a phased conceptual plan proposal (.. Read more

St.Mary's Road Double Roundabouts
Addressing safety and congestion issues on St. Mary’s Road at the Rheem Boulevard and Bollinger Canyon Road intersections have consistently been a priority for the community and Town Council. A .. Read more

Storm Drain Funding Feasibility Study
Another 2016 Town Council Goal is to develop a sustainable funding strategy to ensure Town assets and infrastructure, such as buildings, storm drains, parks and other facilities, can be maintained int.. Read more