Town Of Moraga

Augusta Drive Landslide


In March 2016 a landslide occurred in the Moraga Country Club below Augusta Drive, displaced two families from their homes, directly impacted another home and negatively affected neighboring homes in the area.  The conditions created by the landslide caused major damage and closure of a previously damaged section of the Lafayette-Moraga Regional Trail, operated by the East Bay Regional Park District (EBRPD) on East Bay Municipal Utility District (EBMUD) property. The displaced homeowners and surrounding neighbors requested the Town Council address their concerns created by the landslide with EBMUD and EBRPD.  Council directed staff to work with all affected parties and provide a monthly report (first meeting of the month) on the Consent agenda.  The following links are these updates.

Updates to Council

Update April 12, 2017

Click here for the April 12, 2017 update to Town Council

Update March 8, 2017

Click here for the March 8, 2017 update to Town Council

Update February 8, 2017

Click here for the February 8, 2017 update to Town Council