Town Of Moraga

PG&E's Wildfire Safety Program
PG&E is performing accelerated safety inspections of their electric infrastructure in high fire-threat areas as a precautionary measure intended to reduce the threat of wildfires. They are currently performing safety inspections in Moraga and plan to complete the (click title for full story)
Library HVAC Repair Update
After Town Council authorized the Town Manager to execute a construction contract to replace the HVAC boiler at the Moraga Library, a third contractor evaluated the system and confirmed that a full boiler replacement is required. A boiler has been ordered and the estimated lead time is four to five weeks with installation anticipated in mid-April. The Library currently has no plans to adjust its operating hours. (click title for full story)
Local Sales Tax Oversight Committee Report - March 2019
The Town Council received a report from the LSTOC on their review of the revenue and expenditures of the Measure K Local Sales Tax. This review affirmed the use of the funds consistent with goals and objectives of Measure K, specifically the funding of the Town’s Pavement Management Program. The committee’s independent report was timely and essential as the Town Council and staff lays the framework in preparation for the upcoming budget for FY 2019/20. (click title for full story)
2018 Pavement Management Report - March 2019
Staff prepared a comprehensive 2018 Pavement Management Report to evaluate the Town’s progress since 2015 and assess additional funding needs. In 2015, the Town implemented four new pavement strategies: 1) focus on one type of treatment per year; 2) budget an appropriate percentage of funding for each treatment type; 3) budget non-Measure K funds at or greater than pre-Measure K levels; and 4) partner with other agencies to reduce costs. (click title for full story)
Moraga Way and Canyon/Camino Pablo Intersection Improvements
Staff presented the proposed project improvements which will rehabilitate roadway, close sidewalk gaps, and improve bicycle facilities on Moraga Way (Moraga Road to Ivy Drive) and improve pedestrian crossing at Canyon Road and Camino Pablo. The Council discussed potential project enhancements based on public input at numerous community meetings and directed staff to obtain (click title for full story)
Wireless Communications Ordinance
The Town Council gave direction to staff to revise the Town’s wireless Ordinance (Moraga Municipal Code 8.144) to develop aesthetic criteria for the installation of small cell wireless (5G) facilities within the Town in response to the Federal Communications Commission Declaratory Ruling and a Third Report and Order relating to wireless communications issued on September 26, 2018. Revisions to the Town’s Wireless Ordinance will be developed in two stages – one to address aesthetic criteria for (click title for full story)
Annual General Plan Report
Town Council reviewed and accepted the Annual General Plan Implementation Report, allowing it to be forwarded to the State Department of Housing and Community Development and Office of Planning and Research. In accordance with State law and the General Plan (GP), the report provides a narrative summary of the Town’s 2018 progress toward implementing the GP’s goals and actions, (click title for full story)
Proclamation for American Red Cross Month
Town Council proclaimed March as Red Cross Month. The American Red Cross, the largest humanitarian organization in the world, responds to an average of more than 62,000 disasters across the country, from small home fires to massive disasters every year. Briana Taylor, Contra Costa County Leadership Council Chair, received the proclamation. (click title for full story)
Report Suspicious Activity
Moraga Police (MPD) needs your help in reporting suspicious activity and persons in our Town. Each person is uniquely familiar with different parts of Town and can immediately identify suspicious or unusual activity. If this is reported, MPD can possibly intervene and prevent a crime from occurring. When reporting suspicious activity, please be able to articulate to the Dispatcher why it is suspicious and provide a description of the person and activity. Call 925-284-5010 to report activity or a crime or request assistance from MPD. (click title for full story)
Lamorinda Joint Meeting Update
The Town Council met jointly with the City Councils of Orinda and Lafayette on March 6 to hear a presentation from the Metropolitan Transportation Commission (MTC) on the CASA Compact, a regional policy directive to address the housing crisis in the Bay Area. The Mayors are now working on a joint letter to our State elected officials regarding issues that must be considered when (click title for full story)
Crosswalks and School Buses
Moraga Police have received complaints of drivers not yielding to pedestrians in crosswalks and not stopping for school buses with flashing lights. Pedestrians have the right-of-way in crosswalks and drivers must stop their vehicles and yield to them. School buses only activate their red flashing lights when loading or (click title for full story)