Town Of Moraga

Volunteer Now for Town Committees
Moraga depends on volunteers to serve on all of its Boards, Committees, and Commissions. In 2018, there are still openings on the (click title for full story)
Stormwater Ballot Questions?
Mail-in ballot packets for the Prop 218 property-related fee were delivered to affected property owners in early April to vote on a stormwater fee to 1) Address deteriorating pipes, infrastructure, and sinkholes; 2) Protect drinking water sources from pollutants; and 3) Prevent local flooding due to insufficient capacity or condition. (click title for full story)
PG&E Construction on St. Mary's Road - Summer 2018
At the April 25 Town Council meeting, PG&E will be presenting their project to replace and upsize an existing vintage gas line on St. Mary’s Road from S. Lucille Lane in Lafayette to Rheem Boulevard in Moraga. The work will unfortunately require temporary partial and full closures of St. Mary’s Road during the approximately 100-day construction schedule. However, the project is necessary for the safety of the community. Please attend the Council meeting, or view on Livestream, to learn more about the project and provide input to PG&E. (click title for full story)
Welcome Joe Tanner, Administrative Services Director
Joe Tanner has been appointed as Moraga’s new Administrative Services Director. Mr. Tanner grew up in the area and is familiar with the Town’s charm and amenities. He received his Bachelor’s degree from Saint Mary’s College in politics and his MBA from John F. Kennedy University. (click title for full story)
Lamorinda Joint Councils Meeting - Thursday, April 26
The public is invited to attend the annual Special Joint Meeting of the Lafayette, Moraga and Orinda Councils on Thursday, April 26, at 7:00 p.m. This meeting, hosted by the City of Orinda in the Orinda Library Auditorium, 26 Orinda Way, features an agenda which includes updates on development projects, pavement and infrastructure projects; Moraga agreement regarding the Rheem Theatre; and transportation updates. (click title for full story)
Hillside and Ridgeline Regulations Ordinance and Resolutions
The Town Council introduced an Ordinance amending Titles 8 and 14 of the Municipal Code and adopted several resolutions amending the General Plan, MOSO Guidelines and Design Guidelines, and the environmental documentation for the project. (click title for full story)
Stormwater Fee Vote for Town-owned Parcels
Under the regulations established through Proposition 218, State law dictates that schools, churches and public entities are not exempt from the Stormwater Fee and requires that the fees are proportioned so that the public entities are assessed their fair share. (click title for full story)
Summer Recreation Leaders Needed
The Parks and Recreation Department is currently recruiting part-time employees to work at Moraga Day Camp (formerly Camp Hacienda), the Town-run summer day camp. Positions include Recreation Leader I and Recreation Leader II. Leaders will engage campers with songs, games, crafts, and more! (click title for full story)
Fiscal Year 2018/19 Town Budget Development
Town staff is working diligently on developing the annual operating budget and 5-Year Capital Improvement Program for Fiscal Year 2018/19. The process starts with staff reviewing revenues and expenditures for the upcoming year. Once staff has completed their review, the proposed budget will be forwarded to the Audit and Finance Committee for review before Town Council consideration. (click title for full story)
Management Partners Moraga Staffing Assessment
The results of the March 2018 Staffing Level Assessment performed by Management Partners were presented to the Town Council. The report compared the Town to five similar agencies and reported that Moraga has approximately half of the administrative services and public works staff as the average of the other agencies and close to the average number of employees in planning, park maintenance and parks and recreation. (click title for full story)
Moraga Citizen of the Year Event - Saturday, April 28
Join the community to honor Sam and Susan Sperry on their selection as the 2018 Moraga Citizens of the Year for their outstanding community service. The Sperrys will be honored at the Citizen of the Year celebration dinner on Saturday, April 28, 6:00 pm to 9:00 pm, at Saint Mary’s College, Soda Center. (click title for full story)
Rock Band Showcase - Friday, April 27
A Brighter Day, along with the Moraga Youth Involvement Committee, Lafayette Youth Commission, and Orinda Teen Advisory Council, is excited to host a free Rock Band Showcase for high school students on Friday, April 27, at 7:30 pm at the Lafayette Community Center. (click title for full story)
Recent Town Council Actions on April 11, 2018
Town Council adopted a change to the Social Host Ordinance in light of the new recreational marijuana laws. Currently, the Ordinance prohibits any person from hosting or allowing a party with over five persons under 21 years old where alcoholic beverages are possessed or used.
(click title for full story)
Credit Card Skimmers
The Moraga Police Department (MPD) has been investigating a number of fraud cases involving credit card skimming. Please take precautions to avoid becoming a victim, such as: at outdoor terminals, check for tampering or loose card readers; go inside the business to pay or use cash; (click title for full story)
MCE Clean Energy Update
Beginning in April, MCE Clean Energy, a local, not-for profit, public agency began providing renewable energy service to Moraga residences and businesses that did not opt out during the enrollment period which began in February. Customers still have 60 days from the start of MCE service to opt out and remain with PG&E service at no charge. (click title for full story)
Community Garage Sale - Saturday, May 19
Time to clean out the garage? Join the Moraga Community Garage Sale and sell your unwanted items while getting acquainted with neighbors and promoting responsible practices for the environment. A $15 registration fee advertises a garage sale in the Community Garage Sale Guide. (click title for full story)
Town of Moraga Blood Drive a Success
Thank you to everyone who took the time out of their day to donate blood for the Town’s second blood drive. Because of the Town’s donors, 24 pints of blood were collected, which equates to 72 blood products for patients in the Bay Area hospitals. The Town looks forward to hosting another blood drive in the fall. (click title for full story)