Town Of Moraga

Canyon Road Bridge Pedestrian Access Closed
On Wednesday, February 13, EBMUD brought to the Town’s attention that the existing landslide on their property which damaged the original Canyon Road bridge began to move due to heavy rain saturation. Town staff, bridge, and geotechnical engineers have been evaluating and monitoring the situation and at this time the Town’s engineering experts have determined that the temporary bridge is safe. (click title for full story)
Storm Preparedness and Sand Bags
Self-service sand bags are available at no charge at the Rancho Laguna Park parking lot (2101 Camino Pablo). Please take only what you need and fill bags one-third full for stacking. Moragans are encouraged to plan ahead for winter storms. Here are a few tips: (click title for full story)
MCSP Citizens Advisory Committee
A Moraga Center Specific Plan (MCSP) Citizens Advisory Committee (CAC) is being formed to provide input to the Planning Commission and Town Council on the final zoning and development standards for the 187-acre Moraga Center Specific Plan Area. The goal of this (click title for full story)
Moraga Way and Canyon / Camino Pablo Improvements
In 2017, the Town secured a OneBayArea Grant (OBAG) to augment Measure K funds to: (1) Resurface, close the sidewalk gap, and improve bicycle facilities on Moraga Way from Moraga Road to Ivy Drive; and (2) Improve pedestrian crossing safety at the intersection of Canyon Road and Camino Pablo. Public outreach meetings are currently being scheduled for late February/early March and will be announced soon. Construction is scheduled to start this summer. (click title for full story)
Canyon Road Bridge Construction Delay
A six-month backlog of work at the Caltrans Bridge Structural Review Division has effectively postponed the two-year construction of the Canyon Road Bridge to 2020 and 2021. On a positive note, the extra time will allow staff to prepare the package and solicit bids earlier which may garner better bid results. An update will be provided to the Council in the future. (click title for full story)
Volunteer Now for Town Committees - Deadline March 15, 2019
Moraga depends on volunteers to serve on all of its Boards, Committees, and Commissions. There are still openings on the following two Committees: (click title for full story)
2018 Crime Statistics for Moraga
The Moraga Police Department (MPD) noted that overall reported crime in Moraga decreased 21% in 2018 when compared to 2017 statistics. However, the numbers are mixed as property related crimes are down while reported crimes against persons showed slight increases. The following is a (click title for full story)
Town Council Goals for 2019
Town Council received a report that included a list of 2018 accomplishments and the ongoing programs and current initiatives underway in each department. The Council discussed their goals and priorities for 2019 and decided to carry forward many goals that are still in process (such as improving fiscal discipline, implementation of the Moraga Center Specific Plan and streamlining the (click title for full story)
Town Council Committee Appointments
Town Council approved the appointment of the Town Council representatives to the 2019 Committees, Commissions and Boards. See the entire list of appointments on (click title for full story)
Art in Public Spaces Committee Charter Updated
Town Council amended the Art in Public Spaces Committee Charter to include language allowing a Council or Non-Council appointed liaison to serve on the committee and the removal of a Park Foundation member to establish a five- to six-member voting committee. (click title for full story)
RecycleSmart Offering Advanced Training Program
CompostSMART was developed to help residents understand the importance of organics recycling, build composting systems, recycle food and yard waste at their homes, build healthy urban soils and support thriving landscapes. Receive in-depth composting, organics and recycling education with an experienced and (click title for full story)
Moraga Chamber of Commerce Update
1. Taco Bell reports all the Town and County permits have been issued and the speed of the remodel is in the hands of the franchisee, hopefully with an opening soon. (click title for full story)