Town Of Moraga

Summer Job Opportunities Available
The Parks and Recreation Department is currently recruiting seasonal part-time employees. Positions include Recreation Leader I, Recreation Leader II (Camp Director), and Seasonal Maintenance Worker. Working at Camp Hacienda, the Town-run summer camp, (click title for full story)
Moraga Citizens Network Celebrates 10th Anniversary
Ten years ago a few citizens decided to devote their time and energy to inform Moraga residents of Town activities in an unbiased, transparent and non-political way. Many said it couldn’t be done, but after starting with a membership of only 25, it has blossomed into (click title for full story)
Rheem Boulevard Reconstruction and Closure
On March 11, the Town Council was informed of an upcoming project to repair a portion of Rheem Boulevard, between Fay Hill Reservoir Road and Fernwood Drive, as a part of the Rancho Laguna II development. The repair work will require road closure for the entire construction period, anticipated to be (click title for full story)
Town Hall Gets a New Paint Job
Anyone visiting or driving by Town Hall (329 Rheem Boulevard) may notice the building being repainted to protect it from further weather-related damage. During the painting, Town offices will remain open during normal public hours Monday through Thursday and every other Friday. (click title for full story)
Prescription Drug Abuse Awarenness Month
The Moraga Town Council has proclaimed March 2015 as Prescription Drug Abuse Awareness Month recognizing the harmful effects of prescription drug abuse on society and encourages all citizens to actively participate in prevention programs and activities. Everyone is encouraged to maintain strict control over (click title for full story)
Saint Mary's College Appeal Upheld
Town Council held a Public Hearing on an appeal by Saint Mary’s College (SMC) to allow intramural sports field lights to stay on until 10:00 pm up to 305 days per year. The appeal resulted from a 2012 Planning Director’s decision to limit hours of operation to 9:00 pm based on neighborhood complaints. Since the initial decision, SMC developed plans to substantially reduce (click title for full story)
Geologocal Hazard Abatement District (GHAD)
Town Council approved formation of the Moraga Geologic Hazard Abatement District (GHAD), appointing the Town Council as the GHAD Board of Directors. Moraga’s GHAD was created to protect proposed developments against potential geologic hazards, particularly landslides. The GHAD boundaries include (click title for full story)
Hillside and Ridgeline Project
Town Council provided direction on topics for discussion in the (click title for full story)
Low Cost Energy and Water Assessments
This summer, Moraga residents can receive a no-cost energy and water conservation service thanks to PG&E, the Town of Moraga, and EBMUD. Rising Sun Energy Center trains and employs local youth from ages 15 to 22 to become ‘Energy Specialists’ who serve their Town’s residents with (click title for full story)
Livable Moraga Road Town-Wide Survey
Town Council directed staff to proceed with a professional community survey for the Livable Moraga Road project. Council requested focus groups and a town-wide mail survey to help choose a preferred option for (click title for full story)