Town Of Moraga

Stormwater Fee Ballot Measure Results
The property-related fee was proposed to generate revenue to address deteriorating storm drain pipes, infrastructure, and sinkholes; protect drinking water sources from pollutants; and, prevent local flooding due to insufficient capacity or condition. There was strong voter participation with 58.6% of parcels voting. The measure was defeated with 52% (or 1,744) of the votes against and 48% (or 1,607) in support. This item has been placed on the Town Council May 23, 2018 agenda. (click title for full story)
Rescission of Declaration of Fiscal Emergency
Town Council voted unanimously to rescind the Fiscal Emergency declared on June 28, 2017 based on the Town’s projected June 30, 2017 General Fund Reserves balance of $1.6 million. The emergency was caused by two significant events, the Rheem sinkhole and the Canyon Road bridge failure with a combined repair cost of $6.16 million. (click title for full story)
Town Council Goals Amended and Adapted
The Town Council adopted goals for 2018. The amended 14 goals for 2018 include obtaining reimbursement funding for the sinkhole and Canyon Road bridge projects; fiscal sustainability and operational efficiency; protection of open space; (click title for full story)
Volunteer Now for Town Committees
Moraga depends on volunteers to serve on all of its Boards, Committees, and Commissions. In 2018, there are still openings on the (click title for full story)
MCE Community Meeting at the Library - Tuesday, June 5
The Moraga Library, 1500 St. Mary’s Road, will be hosting an informational meeting with Marin Clean Energy (MCE) on Tuesday, June 5 at 6:30 pm. An MCE representative will present a program about residents’ new options to choose more renewable, locally controlled energy service. (click title for full story)
PG&E Gas Pipeline Replacement Project on St. Mary's Road - Summer 2018
Town Council received a presentation from PG&E on their project to replace and upsize an existing vintage gas line on St. Mary's Road between S. Lucille Lane in Lafayette and Rheem Boulevard in Moraga. While PG&E originally proposed a 100-day construction schedule, requiring temporary, partial and full closures on St. Mary's Road, after hearing the concerns from Moraga and Lafayette staff and Councils, PG&E proposed an alternate condensed 60-day plan. (click title for full story)
National Public Works Week - May 20 - 26
National Public Works Week is May 20 through 26 and brings attention to the importance of public works in the community and recognizes the dedicated professionals who serve the public every day. This year’s theme, “The Power of Public Works,” celebrates the vitality of public works professionals who keep the Town’s community and environment vibrant. (click title for full story)
Public Works Rescues Turkey Chicks
On May 1, neighbors in the Rheem Valley Manor community noticed a mother turkey hovering over her chicks trapped in a storm drain inlet and contacted the Town for help. Public Works Maintenance Worker Jose Limon came to the rescue and removed the heavy cast iron grate to release the chicks. With a gobble of relief, Mother Turkey reunited with her chicks and trotted away. Fortunately, no fowl play was involved. (click title for full story)
Want to Be a Part of the Elections Day Team?
The Contra Costa County Elections Division is looking for civic-minded men and women to volunteer as poll workers on Election Day. To find out more about providing this vital service for democracy and to sign up, (click title for full story)
Sign Up Now for Summer Camps
School will be out in just one month! “Travel the World” in eight weeks with Moraga Day Camp (formerly Camp Hacienda). This summer favorite continues with weekly themed activities for ages five to ten. (click title for full story)
Return of the Telephone Scam
Moraga is once again a target for telephone scams. Even the Police Chief received a scam call telling him there was a warrant issued for his arrest by the IRS! (There wasn’t…) The IRS does not telephone people to tell them of a warrant or outstanding tax bill. (click title for full story)
New Public Art Installations
Two new public art pieces arrived in Moraga this past week. The sculptures “Briar” and “Rossette” by artist Suzannah Israel are part of the public artwork loan program and are on display at Town Hall. (click title for full story)
Moraga Youth Involvement Committee Recruitment
Applications are now being accepted for the 2018/19 term of the Moraga Youth Involvement Committee (MYIC). The MYIC is a committee comprised of students who reside in Moraga and want to contribute to their community and learn the civic process. (click title for full story)