Town Of Moraga

Rheem Boulevard Sinkhole Update - November 16, 2017
The Rheem Boulevard Sinkhole and Storm Drain Replacement Project is finished and the road is open to vehicular traffic! The completion was celebrated with a Ground Filling ceremony on Thursday, November 16, sponsored by the Moraga Chamber of Commerce, a number of local businesses, utility companies and construction partners. The event was both celebratory and informative and a fitting way to thank all the affected residents and businesses for their patience throughout this entire process. (click title for full story)
Canyon Road Bridge Reopened to Traffic - November 22, 2017
On Friday, November 10, 2017 the Bridge Team consisting of Myers and Sons (Prime Contractor); Quincy Engineering (Bridge Designers); Harris and Associates (Construction Managers); Bigge Crane (Crane Subcontractors); Mabey Bridge (Bridge Supplier) and Town staff placed the assembled one-lane steel truss Mabey bridge upon their bridge abutments with the help of two 275-ton specialized hydraulic cranes. (click title for full story)
Firearms Storage Ordinance
The Town Council intended to introduce a proposed firearms safe storage ordinance, but the matter was continued to provide time for legal review of issues raised in a letter that was received hours before the meeting. The Council, in an effort to avoid the holiday season and maximize opportunity for public participation, chose to continue the item to a meeting tentatively on January 24, 2018. Currently that date has an open agenda and will provide sufficient time for any necessary revisions and to receive public comment and consider the ordinance. Please contact Police Chief Jon King with questions or comments. (click title for full story)
Planned Development - Commercial Ordinance
Town Council adopted an ordinance to establish a new Planned Development – Commercial (PD-C) zoning district. The ordinance allows eligible commercial properties to request rezoning and Town approval of a “PD-C Plan” that can define site-specific land use and development standards, and provide an opportunity for streamlining of future approvals, with the goal of encouraging investment in and revitalization of Moraga’s commercial centers. (click title for full story)
Community Priorities Survey
Council received a presentation from Bryan Godbe of Godbe Research with results from a recent Community Survey which measured respondent support for two separate revenue measures. A Proposition 218 property-related fee dedicated to storm drain repair and maintenance, and a utility user tax were surveyed. Results indicated community support for a storm drain measure, but not a utility user tax. Council directed staff to (click title for full story)
Accessory Dwelling Units (ADU) Ordinance
Town Council continued a public hearing on proposed amendments to the Town’s regulations for Accessory Dwelling Units (ADUs), also known as “Secondary Living” or “In-Law” units. After discussion, the Council continued the item to a future date, requesting staff return with additional information on several policy issues, including whether and how ADUs should be permitted within MOSO-zoned areas, parking design, and the ADU approval process. (click title for full story)
Bicycle Recycle
Through the end of November, Bobbie and Tom Preston will collect bikes once again for Cycle Recycle to be refurbished and given to charitable groups to distribute for the holidays. New and/or used bikes and trikes in working or repairable order, or useable bike parts (no skateboards or plastic bikes accepted), may be delivered to the side driveway of the Preston’s home at 1307 Larch Avenue in Moraga. This has been a successful community service provided by the Prestons for the past 19 years. For more information call 925-376-8474. (click title for full story)
Volunteers Needed!
Moraga depends on volunteers to serve on all of the Boards, Commissions, and Committees that require citizen involvement and provide input and information to the Town Council. There is currently an opening on the following: (click title for full story)
Town Manager Recruitment Public Input
On Tuesday, November 7, Bobbi Peckham, recruiter for the permanent Town Manager position, met with members of the public at the Hacienda de las Flores to receive input on the Manager’s profile. The information obtained will be used to help identify the best candidate. (click title for full story)
Hacienda De Las Flores Rental Fees
Town Council considered a staff report documenting pricing analysis of special event fees at the Hacienda de las Flores and the Pavilion. Council approved staff’s recommendation to maintain the current fee schedule which may be re-evaluated during the annual budget process in spring of 2018. (click title for full story)
MCE's Community Leadership Advisory Groups
MCE needs local volunteers to participate in a Community Leadership Advisory Group (CLAG). CLAGs are intended to facilitate feedback from a cross-section of community representatives. They are informal and members are not expected to have a background in energy policy. (click title for full story)