Town Of Moraga

Audit and Finance Committee – Thursday, October 25
The Audit and Finance Committee (AFC) is scheduled to meet on Thursday, October 25, at 6:00 pm in the Council Chambers. Included on the agenda is the review of FY 2017/18 year-end unaudited revenue and expenditure report. The public is invited to attend or watch it on Livestream. (click title for full story)
Jeanette Fritzky Tribute Walk - Saturday, October 27, 2018
A 1.6 mile Tribute Walk to honor late Councilmember Jeanette Fritzky and benefit the American Cancer Society will take place on Saturday, October 27, 2018 from 12:00 to 3:00 pm at the Moraga Commons Park located at 1425 St. Mary’s Road in Moraga. To learn more, register in advance and/or (click title for full story)
Joint Moraga-Orinda Pavement Project
The following streets will be reconstructed with a Full Depth Reclamation (FDR) treatment: (1) Tharp Drive (Camino Pablo to northeast end); (2) Ascot Drive (Ascot Court to 2084 Ascot Drive) and (3) Crossbrook Drive (Greenfield Drive to north end). FDR is a rehabilitation technique in which the existing pavement is pulverized and blended with cement to provide a stronger, homogeneous material. The final surface of the streets will be paved with asphalt incorporated with recycled rubber from tires through a CalRecycle grant. The pulverizing phase is scheduled to begin (click title for full story)
Welcome Norman Veloso, Administrative Services Director
Norman Veloso has been appointed as Moraga’s Administrative Services Director. Norm comes to the Town with significant experience and he has taken the lead on numerous special projects currently underway and will ensure that the Town’s finances are accurate for both reporting and decision-making purposes. After college, Norm spent a few years working for (click title for full story)
Canyon Road Bridge Project Presentation
Staff provided an update on the permanent bridge replacement project outlining the history of the project, bridge redesign due to impacts from the landslide, and the construction schedule. Tentatively, the bridge will be built in two phases, with the first half in 2019 and the second half in 2020 to maintain traffic during construction. (click title for full story)
Swearing In of Appointed Councilmember Renata Sos
The Town Clerk swore in Renata Sos at the start of the Council meeting. Renata was appointed unanimously by the Town Council to complete Jeanette Fritzky’s term of office which will end in 2020. Renata is a 17-year Moraga resident and has been an active member of the community. Renata is familiar with land use issues having (click title for full story)
Moraga Chamber of Commerce Presentation
Bob Fritzky, President, and Kathe Nelson, Executive Director, presented "A Chamber on the Move" featuring highlights of the Chamber’s recent accomplishments, partnerships within the community and member benefits. The Chamber identified three key goals for 2018 including: Advance Economic Activity; Business of Running the Chamber; and Increase Participation on Social Media. (click title for full story)
Hacienda de las Flores Restaurant Update
Town Council re-appropriated existing Capital Improvement Program (CIP) funds to commence site improvements to address items of the deferred maintenance at the Hacienda de las Flores and prepare the site for a future restaurant. Funds totaling $24,250 were re-appropriated from the Hacienda de las Flores Improvement Program to replace existing exterior pathway, patio and parking lot lighting. In addition, $1,500 of the allocation was directed for Americans with Disabilities (ADA) restroom designs so the Town can pursue California Development Block Grant Funds for ADA site improvements. (click title for full story)
John Muir Land Trust Presentation
John Muir Land Trust (JMLT) is currently campaigning to Save Painted Rock. If the $2 million fundraising goal is met, JMLT will acquire the 84-acre property known as Painted Rock adjacent to the Rheem Shopping Center. To date, $1.2 million has been raised. (click title for full story)
Electronic Communication Policy
Town Council adopted a resolution establishing an Electronic Communication Policy that is in conformance with the Town’s current Records Retention Schedule and provides guidance to Council and staff on the identification and retention of electronic communications. (click title for full story)
Animal Control Services Ordinance
Town Council waived the first reading and scheduled a public hearing on October 24 to adopt the Contra Costa County Animal Control Ordinance for the Town. This ordinance, which is used throughout the county, provides uniformity in animal control services and enforcement throughout the county. The ordinance provides regulations regarding barking dogs, dangerous animals and animal licensing. For more information, please contact Moraga Police at 925-888-7055. (click title for full story)
Volunteer Now for Town Committees
Moraga depends on volunteers to serve on all of its Boards, Committees, and Commissions. In 2018, there are still openings on the (click title for full story)